An SEO Success Story Starring ME!

Two years later!

Two years later!

Almost TWO years later…I’m back, blogging for my own website! Any smart (or even not so smart) marketer would tell you that putting two years between blog posts is a TERRIBLE idea. I would definitely tell you that! And any smart (or even not so smart) marketer would tell you don’t write content tooting your own horn. I’d tell you that, too! But this time, it’s relevant, so I say “Go for it!”

On that note, I’ve been busy with kids and writing copy for my clients, so I haven’t really had time to blog for myself. I’m so, so busy. You are too! I know. In case you’re wondering, I still work for the IT professional services company I’ve worked for in various capacities; these days, it’s project-based. I’m also working with some wonderful clients–some “old,” some new–and I’m so grateful! Working from home, oftentimes on-the-fly, is endlessly stressful but an absolute blessing. The truth is, I do enjoy blogging, even if it takes time away from billable work and time with my family. So I’ll make this quick. Here’s the success story!

I started up SoaringWinds Marketing (which isn’t an LLC anymore, by the way) shortly after my darling daughter was born. I set the site up and employed some basic SEO best practices–and boy, am I glad! Right at the end of my self-imposed maternity leave (my sweet little guy was born in May!), I received a message via my site’s contact form. An account manager from a marketing agency was looking for someone with my copywriting skill set–and thanks to search engine magic, she found my site! Fortunately, we’re now working together and having a blast.

The bottom line: SEO works. Relevant content on your website works to attract the “right” visitors. I will do a better job of practicing what I preach…I promise to post again before 2016!