Please “Like” My Facebook Fan Page

I would really appreciate it if you’d “Like” my company’s Facebook fan page, because I think it will help both of us. You see, I’ve been spending a lot of my time researching social media and its place in a marketing plan. What I’m learning is that for most companies, social media has to be up-front-and-center with the website, promoting the great things–via sharable content like blog posts and white papers–your clients and prospective clients are looking for. Facebook is doing an excellent job enabling businesses to connect with the people they want to work with, and it’s having way more impact than I thought.

Last night I attended a very enlightening social media seminar put on by Joe Cross, CEO of OYM Nation and “The Comeback Coach” (go ahead and check out his Facebook page!), a man who’s passionate about helping people build their businesses through personal development, practical know-how, and a bit of fun. Joe got me thinking about a lot of things, not the least of which was how I’m using my Facebook business fan page…and how really, Facebook is like the center of the universe. 

I never really considered Facebook a particularly good place for business because it’s where friends connect. In reality, it’s also where businesses connect–with people. LinkedIn is not the only place to connect for business. Surprise!

Pretty much everybody’s clients and prospective clients are doing something online, and it’s likely they’re on Facebook. If not, they’re definitely checking out your website. And in order for them to see your website as relevant (the friendly search engines like Google better think your website is relevant, too!), you’ve got to provide content that delivers what they want. Whether it’s delivering education, a marketing tip, some insight into overcoming a challenge in your industry, or a pizza (in the case of a pizza place with online ordering), that content better be shareable on the popular social media sites like Facebook, ’cause that’s how new people learn about you. Your website has great things to say, and your fans on the social media sites spread the gospel!

One of the big lessons I took away from Joe’s seminar was to make sure my business contacts–clients and prospective clients, professional associates and partners–are the people who “Like” my fan page. These are the people who will get the most from the content I’m sharing, and who will help me get the word out about the great things I can do! (And it’s reciprocal!)

So will I drive my personal Facebook friends away from me by sharing my business content with them? Hopefully not, especially if they’re interested in the kind of work I do. Will I attract more business friends who find my content so useful that they want to click on over to my website to learn more about me and vice versa? I sure hope so!

Go ahead and “Like” my fan page and enjoy what I have to share. And share things with me! We can all share this great content, share some connections, and hopefully have some fun…er, sharing!