This LLC Belongs to My Family

My Membership Certificate

Little did I know that having a baby would change my life this much–that nearly nine months after giving birth to my daughter, I’d be welcoming a new company into the family, too.

“Welcome to the family, SoaringWinds Marketing LLC!” This is truly a family affair.

I could use this blog post as an opportunity to wax poetic about forming a business and what that means to me as an American, but really, I want to reflect on the fact that this company is alive today because of my family, for my family, and thanks to my family. And this family includes an incredible group of friends.

As I explained in my first-ever post, I left the 9-to-5 world to stay home with my baby and enjoy the flexibility and supplemental income of freelance writing and marketing consulting. So, aside from a big “thank you” to Natalie, I have to thank my husband for his unwavering support. Mike has believed in me and trusted that we’ll “make it work,” even though it has been stressful, tiring, scary, frustrating…you get the idea. But it has been unbelievably rewarding, too, and we share these joys together.

With us every step of the way has been my brother, Tim. Uncle Tim takes care of sweet Natalie while Mommy works in the other room, while Mommy goes to meetings and meet-ups, while Mommy takes care of the day-to-day stuff that’s tough to do without a sitter. I thank Tim for his patience with me and for understanding how important my work is to me. He’s the best babysitter we could ask for!

My parents, little brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends–they’ve all been here to help out with babysitting, consultation, and support. It’s notable that yesterday–the 27th of October–was not only the day I signed my LLC’s Operating Agreement, but also my Godfather’s birthday. My Godfather has served as my mentor; we’re a lot alike in so many ways, so it’s very interesting that my LLC shares a birthday with him! (And happy birthday to my cousin–a fellow writer–who’s making it big herself over in London!)

Out of the gates, two of my girlfriends from Saint Mary’s College provided the professional support and endorsement I needed to get my first projects. I have developed great, ongoing relationships with a couple of clients and I look forward to building on what we’ve started. I’ve also been forming new friendships with Saint Mary’s women I didn’t even know at school, and am blessed to have them in my circle–on both professional and personal levels.

People open businesses everyday and I’m certainly in good company (no pun intended!), especially in the “momtrepreneur” space. I don’t know what the future holds, but I’m putting the pieces in place to carry on doing what I love to do in a way that works for me and my family. I hope that SoaringWinds Marketing LLC will achieve success in its goal to help companies with their marketing communications, and I also hope it will enable me to reach my potential as a businessperson and mother–two distinct roles that somehow wind together here in my home office!