Content Strategy

Content is my sweet spot. As a marketing communications professional with a background in both corporate marketing and freelance consulting, I’ve done it all from direct mail and e-mail campaigns to social media and sales enablement. But my passion is marketing content: the “stuff” that speaks to your customers: blog posts, infographics, videos, white papers, and so much more. It’s the stuff that demonstrates your thought leadership. It’s the stuff that educates, informs, and even inspires. And I love it.

I’d like to help you take your company’s marketing–or your agency’s clients’ marketing–to the next level with a customized content marketing strategy and top-notch content development.

What can we achieve ? I don’t see myself as “flying solo” at the helm of SoaringWinds Marketing. We’re in this together–to make your marketing the best it can be. I’ll be your content strategist or content developer–or both. You can consider me an official extension of your marketing team or an on-demand copywriter. We can keep it simple or design a customized set of marketing communications services, depending on your needs. Please contact me to learn more!


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