From Freelancer Brain to Business Owner Brain

Business Owner BrainMy brain is in the process of shifting from “freelancer” mode to “business owner” mode, and it’s changing everything. This is a really powerful statement. So powerful, in fact, that I’d stop right there if I was OK with a one-sentence blog post.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about—or even if you do—let me elaborate.

Before taking my business full-time, I didn’t know that my mindset would change so drastically—or that, in order to grow, it needed to change. I thought that simply taking on enough work to fill a 40-hour workweek meant I reached the next level. (Insert an evil laugh here.) No, no, no. How wrong I was.

She Blinded Me with Science

My brain is literally re-wiring itself. Other small business owners and entrepreneurs, including my business coach, warned me about this. I used to be a freelance copywriter. Now that I’m focusing on SoaringWinds Marketing all day, every day, it’s crystal clear that I am much more than that—and my capacity for all-things-content-marketing is significant. Now, I’m a business owner offering content marketing services.

I’ve been truly blessed with wonderful and supportive clients. Each and every one has enabled me to flex my content strategy muscles in addition to content writing. That means I’ve been able to develop editorial calendars, topics, and content that:

  • Come to life in different forms (print, digital, social)
  • Target different audiences (customers, prospects, investors, channel partners)
  • Target different spots along the sales funnel
  • Support various marketing objectives (lead generation, organic traffic, thought leadership)
  • Etc…

So what does this really mean? I’m never just writing. It might look like it, but I’m doing so much more. And that’s the direction I’m heading. SoaringWinds Marketing is morphing, evolving, shifting…but it’s all about content marketing, not just content writing. Because I AM SoaringWinds Marketing, I’m the one morphing, evolving, and shifting…and my brain is along for the ride.


I kind of feel like I’m in a constant state of recalibration. Maybe all small business owners feel this way. I’ve only been at it for about 3 months and this feeling has only just recently kicked in. It’s the big shift. “I’m not a freelancer. I’m a business owner.”

I’ll walk you through an example (inspired by a real-life discussion in my coworking office) of how this shift impacts my thinking, and, ultimately, my business development strategy:

I have a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. I’ve never OWNED that. But I need to. I used to think that placing “MBA” after my name or otherwise making any sort of “thing” about it was braggy or pretentious. I didn’t think it mattered to a client if their content writer had that credential.

And maybe it doesn’t. But it does matter that their content strategist does.

Upon further thought, my business education, which started way back in undergrad, has helped make me a damn good business person—and a damn good business content strategist and writer—and it shows my clients and prospective clients that I comprehend business terminology and have an understanding of the various business challenges faced by their customers. It’s not a coincidence that I specialize in B2B marketing. (Who’s bragging now?)

Sure, I worked in corporate America for over 10 years and haven’t been living in a bubble, but my business acumen is a big part of who I am and what I bring to the table (and to the computer or mobile device keyboard). And it just might set me apart from other content developers, who, in their own right, bring their own unique skills to their craft. I just happen to be a particularly business-minded and MBA-trained content marketer—and that’s value I need to leverage.

Did you spot the shift?

I Don’t Know Where I’m Going, but I Sure Know Where I’ve Been

OK, I have some idea where I’m going (I just really like Whitesnake). I’m growing, and so is my business. It’s exciting. I’m very blessed, as I’ve said. This new state of mind I’m developing—along with all the content—is taking me somewhere special, to a place that holds meaning for me and will help my existing and future clients get even more value out of me. Am I working longer hours than ever? Yes. Am I fearful that I won’t get it all done? Sometimes. But are these really problems? No, not for a business owner.

There you go. Shift.


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