Content Review: Ashley Furniture HomeStore E-mail

Ashley Trendwatch

Forgive the tiny image, but you get the gist.

As a content marketer, I actually pay attention to campaign e-mails I get from companies, especially if I’m an opt-in list. Every now and then, one makes it through the SPAM filter in my head and catches my eye, like this one from Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

My thoughts:

  • It’s timely, even if I didn’t click-through (the last thing I need right now is more new furniture, low prices notwithstanding). The header “2014” is prominent and gets my attention because the new number still hasn’t lost its novelty. Subhead “new near, new place, 5 home lifestyle resolutions…,’ is fantastic copywriting. The Super Bowl is even referenced next to the call-to-action button–nice!
  • 5 bullet points with no more than 5 words of copy in each–simple and quick. Any of the 5 resolutions could have gotten me to click (had I not been performing mental evaluation for this post).
  • Sharing trends is a great idea, maybe a trend itself in content marketing. “TrendWatch” suggests Ashley is relevant and wants to provide me with some design insight–great to have in the back of my mind next time I want some stylish furniture.
  • From a design standpoint: lovely fonts, attractive images, clean layout. Great work keeping the key messaging above the fold.

A few more thoughts:

  • The 2013 Womens Choice Award medallion image gives credibility and, again, relevance to me.
  • Social media share icons located in two different spots is a nice touch. I wonder which set gets the most clicks?

This thing has January written all over it and makes me want to see what they have in store for February. I’m not going so far as to click-through and review the e-mail’s landing page–the January TrendWatch itself–but someday I’ll tackle a review of all campaign components.

I’d love your comments! Am I off base? Did I miss something? Let me know what YOU think!


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