Content Marketing Trends 2014

I came across this tremendous infographic depicting the content marketing trends to watch out for this year. The part about more companies bringing their content marketing in-house in favor of outsourcing it (to folks like me)? I think this is actually great news in the world of content marketing because it means it’s working–and C-suite corporate decision-makers are getting the message. Investing in original content is simply a smart move. And (sales pitch) I’m happy to help create that content for business owners, marketing departments, and marketing agencies who don’t have an in-house team. 🙂

Copywriting that supports a content marketing strategy is less about chasing keywords and more about providing valuable information to interested people. When I’m writing something to help a client establish thought-leadership–a goal of content marketing–I enjoy digging into the topic and learning about it through interviewing the thought leader and performing my own research. (Plus, it gives me lots to talk about with parents at the playground or birthday party.)

Without further commentary from me…enjoy and be inspired!

Top 6 Content Marketing Trends to Watch Out This 2014 (Infographic) - An Infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines


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