Hello again!

I haven’t blogged in quite a while. What kind of marketer am I? Well, I’m a marketer who’s been blogging for her work blog and writing blogs for freelance gigs. Ah, when it comes to blogging for my own company, I’m sure not walking the walk! That’s OK. My loyal fans understand.

SoaringWinds Marketing has taken a backseat to my full-time employer, but it’s a nice comfy backseat. I absolutely love my FT job, by the way, and am very blessed to have it. It’s clearly keeping me busy and I’m learning soooo much. I’ve been able to maintain some freelance work (hence the comfy backseat) and that makes me feel like that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

I attended a Chicago Association of Direct Marketing Interactive Marketing Special Interest Group (say that 25 times fast) luncheon today and the topic was cloud marketing. Being in the room with small business owners and other writers made me realize I really must pay a little more attention to my own marketing business–and give some voice to Corrie the marketer. So here I am! I may not blog too often here at SoaringWinds Marketing…but I’m here…and I hope to share some interesting tidbits as I find them!

Happy spring–check out those soaring winds up in the spring sky and think of me! 🙂 


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